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The Endocrine System

                           Types of Hormones

     There are various types of hormones inside the Endocrine System. Here are some examples of some hormones inside the Endocrine System, where they are located, and what they control/do. There is a hormone that is produced inside Pituitary gland. This hormone is called "Antidiuretic hormone (vasopressin) ", this hormone causes kidneys to retain water and, along with aldosterone, helps control blood pressure. A second hormone is called " Parathyroid hormone ". This hormone is produced inside the Parathroid glands, this hormone controls bone formation and the excretion of calcium and phosphorus.
       Another hormone is called " Thyroid hormone ", it is produced inside the Thyroid gland. This hormone regulates the rate at which the body functions (metabolic rate). There are many more hormones such as: "Aldosterone, Glucagon, Erythropoietin, Cholecystokinin, Chorionic gonadotropin, Resistin and so on. But there are two major hormones that makes the difference between Men and Women, and those hormones are located inside the reproductive systems. The woman's hormone is called " Estrogen ". This hormone is located and produced inside the woman's Ovaries. This hormone controls the development of female sex characteristics and the reproductive system. The male's hormone is called " Testosterone ". This hormone is located and produced inside th male's Testes. This hormone controls the development of male sex characteristics and the reproductive system